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The Beyond Space

The Beyond Space

Serie y transmedia project

Beyond Space is a multidisciplinary space science fiction project. In which it is intended to create a line of content that can be displayed on different channels, as well as create its series, the jewel of the project's chorana and its main objective. The different content action lines would be, graphic novels, music, and photography to which they would join much more content, in the future. You can now visit the Beyond Space website, to follow all the advances and be the first to enjoy all its content.

Created by

Carlos Lorite.


Carlos Lorite, XD7 Team, Soul Reaper (photography), Norberto Tapia (music), Virignia Mendez, Sara Estrella (graphycs novel)


2016 - Present days



Beyond Space shows us the world of human beings 4000 years in the future. A world where it has already colonized endless systems. Where humans have managed to make fun of death for hundreds of years naturally and in turn to transcend infinitely by acquiring cybernetic, bio-modified or robotic bodies. In this world there have been multiple contacts with alien civilizations of all kinds and character, of the age of the human race and of course many older ones, around which some aspects of the argument will revolve. A continuous expansion and contraction of human progress through the universe that has led to the evolution of an endless number of isolated, private, governed worlds, coal-minded, coalitions, devastated worlds, worlds run by corporations, extreme worlds, artificial worlds and also an endless space stations across the galaxy.

“It’s been 4000 years since the ‘Em first contacted humans, helping and encouraging them to conquer interstellar space. Since the beginning of the 21st century, humans have spread, not only through their solar system but also by the stars near it, creating an endless number of colonizing ships, as if it were a great exodus to the stars. ” «Once 2000 years passed, the first wars, crises, unfortunate encounters with other civilizations appeared, uprisings of oppressed worlds, fragmentation of government groups, disappearance of corporations and the appearance of a great threat, artificial intelligence hives.» “This caused an endless number of changes to occur in the galaxy and humans receded in their expansion, to later create a community between different civilizations and a civil and corporate administration that led the entire known universe back to progress during what became known as the second era of expansion, which lasted over 2000 years. ” “Nowadays, endless conflicts develop again, oppressors move unpunished in all systems, organized crime and smuggling multiplies, resources are increasingly scarce due to the lack of ships while corporations they are done with the control of entire systems hoarding fleets with the best technologies, the decay comes with force to all known systems, weakened government organizations face days of crisis and artificial intelligence hives rise again as a common threat , this time with the ‘Em disappeared in the depth of space.’

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